Travel Alerts

Certain events, such as natural disasters or strikes may affect your travel. Below are links to information about how recent events will affect your travel insurance claims.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 0800 550 325.

19-Mar-2019 - Important Information regarding the events in Christchurch

14-Mar-2019 - Important information regarding the Boeing Max 8 9 aircraft

12-Dec-2018 - Air New Zealand Maintenance Engineers Strike

22-Aug-2018 - Hurricane Lane

20-Aug-2018 - Underwriter Update Regarding the outbreak of the Zika Virus

6-Aug-2018 - Indonesian Seismic Activity

27-Jul-2018 - Mt Aoba

6-May-2018 - Kilauea Eruption

9-Apr-2018 - Cyclone Keni

6-Apr-2018 - Borocay advisory

15-Feb-2018 - Cyclone Gita

21-Sep-2017 - Mexican Earthquake Sept 2017

19-Sep-2017 - Mt Agung - Bali

28-Aug-2017 - Important Information Regarding Hurricane Harvey

28-Sep-2016 - Bali Ash Cloud - Mt Rinjani

5-Jul-2016 - Airport Security Strikes - July

30-Jun-2016 - Istanbul Airport Bombings

12-Feb-2016 - Zika Virus